Information security policy

ActPro Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”), with the business philosophy “To make Japan the world’s number one tourism country”, to improve the convenience of foreign tourists visiting Japan and to realize strengthening of regional economies by contributing to the tourism industry, contribute to society that grows through SMART EXCHANGE service, we install and manage automatic foreign currency exchange machines at accommodation facilities, transportation facilities, sightseeing, hospitality facilities like eateries and at other attraction points, etc.
Our Cost optimization service aims to ensure reasonable consultation without waste. We are committed to improving service quality, customer satisfaction is our mission.

As a company engaged service provision, we deal with external attacks that might hinder our performance, protect information handled by the company appropriately, and promote activities that customers can trust. We work to prevent loss of information caused by uncertain circumstances such as system failure and operational mistakes. We recognize that addressing these activities is an essential management obligation for the company.
In order to fulfill these responsibilities, we have establish an information security policy as highlighted here, implement and promote it.


1.We have organized an information security system that management participates to establish, introduce, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve information security management system. In addition to establishing information security objectives based on this policy, we operate the information security management system to achieve overall information security.

2.We comply with the agreed code of conduct and other information handling norms as per contracts. In addition, we regularly review basic policies and internal regulations in accordance with changes in management policy, changes in business contents, social changes, technical changes, changes in laws and regulations, and maintain compliance with requirements.

3.We carry out risk assessment to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information assets handled by the company. In addition we prevent, fix information security incidents etc. by taking appropriate risk measures. We set information security goals including these correspondences and achieve information security goals.

4.We ensure that officers and employees dealing with information assets are aware of the importance of information security and make sure that information assets are properly handled. We conduct necessary training for this purpose.

5. We monitor as necessary as possible to ensure that the information security management system functions effectively. Also, by periodically auditing the operation status, we strive to continually improve our information security management system.

6.Personal information that we use for business will be handled appropriately based on our personal information protection policy compliant with the Personal Information Protection Act and JISQ 15001: 2017 standard.

Enacted on April 1, 2015
Last revised on March 1, 2017
ActPro Co., Ltd
CEO Manabu Shintani

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