Effortless Currency Exchange Driven by Japanese Innovation

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Integrated With Multifunctional Capabilities

Equipped with 2 cameras to capture visual information with precision , connectable to QR Code reader enables quick and efficient interaction through code scanning.  Ability to mount to passport reader, enhancing identification processes, customizable features that can be seamlessly integrated into machines upon request. meeting specific requirements and ensuring optimal user experience for exchanging currency.

Accept 12 Foreign currency

Accepts and processes a diverse range of 12 global currencies, making it an ideal solution for those seeking efficient and convenient currency exchange. ensuring swift and accurate currency exchange with every transaction.

Voice guidance

Equipped with an intuitive voice guidance feature, enhancing the user experience with clear and concise instructions. This innovative feature ensures that users, whether seasoned travelers or first-time users, can easily navigate through the currency exchange process. The voice guidance offers step-by-step instructions, making the transaction process accessible to all, including those with visual impairments or language barriers.

Secure cash collection

Implementing a secure mechanism, our system prioritizes safety by adopting a protected collection process that minimizes direct involvement with cash. This approach not only ensures the security of the transaction but also enhances the overall safety of the currency exchange process.

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Power Supply

Commercial AC100v±10%,50Hz/60Hz,90W


Approximately 210 kg (463 lbs).

Server Connection

Supports both Ethernet/Wired and Wireless connectivity options, for seamless integration into diverse network environments.

Operation Environment

Suitable for indoor use , FAN-less design , ensure proper ventilation to maintain optimal performance
Operate within a temperature range of 10-32℃ (50-89.6℉).
withstand humidity levels ranging from 30% to 85%.
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