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Seamless Mobility

Effortlessly transportable and easily relocated to strategic spots. This feature not only showcases the machine's adaptability but also emphasizes its operational advantages across various locations. Conduct transactions seamlessly from anywhere, ensuring accessibility, efficiency, and market coverage like never before

Compliant to global standards

Elevate your currency exchange experience with our cutting-edge machine, compliant with international standards such as UL291 and CE, as well as environmental standards like RoHS and more. We prioritize your security and uphold the highest industry benchmarks for a seamless and reliable currency transaction process.

Equipped with the latest technology

Cutting-edge technology featuring a swift QR Code reader and NFC reader, inclusion of night vision cameras whose high resolution adds an extra layer of security, The advanced technologies guarantee secured transactions, delivering an unparalleled exchange experience..

Flexible transactions

Providing enhanced convenience to our customers, our machine accepts a stack of bills in one go, eliminating the need for manual feeding one by one. Additionally, users have the flexibility to cancel transactions midway, adding an extra layer of convenience and adaptability to the process

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Equipped with Double Lock and E-Lock

Featuring an E-lock and double lock system that sets unprecedented standards for protection. The E-lock utilizes advanced electronic security measures, specifically designed to ensure the utmost security of cassettes within the machine. This innovative technology provides a robust defense against unauthorized access and safeguards your financial assets with the highest level of precision. Our machine not only offers state-of-the-art security for your currency transactions but also guarantees the integrity and safety of the cassettes.

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Power Supply

AC 100V~240V

Operating temperature

5~32 ℃

Server Connection

Wired or wireless connection (VPN)


21.5 inch 16:9 Touch panel (capacitive type)

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