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The number of international travelers worldwide increased from more than 1.2 billion in 2016 to 280 million in 1980,
due to the drop in airfares caused by LCC and economic development in Asia.
This is because people who could not think of travel abroad were interested in traveling abroad and came to go out.




In the world, payments such as electronic money and credit cards are diversifying.
it is the cash that they bring that it is absolutely useful for Visitors.


Our business is installing automatic currency exchange machines equipped with advanced banknote discrimination machines at airports,
stations, shops of famous tourist destinations, etc.
We will improve the convenience for The Visitors around the world and help create a comfortable and memorable overseas trip.





For about three years,
we have experienced many mistakes and successes until today.
Our mission is also to provide our partners with the know-how freely to solve all the troubles of the currency exchange shop.

What will change with the introduction of machines?

We operate more than 400 unmanned currency exchange shops with just 30 people.
No other company operates 400 stores worldwide with this number.






Human beings are resting creatures.
The money changer owner must prepare alternate staff and have them take turns off. But machines are different.
A machine can continue to work forever, as long as it has power.






Humans sometimes make mistakes.
Mistakes in the banknotes handled by the money changer include counting errors and passing due to misunderstanding. The owner of the money changer must always think to eliminate that mistake.





Fake bill

There are many sophisticated fake bills in the world.
If you get a counterfeit bill at the money changer’s store, you will lose a few days’ money for the money changer.
Our machines have accepted billions of transactions, billions of yen banknotes, but have never accepted any counterfeit bills.

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